February 5, 2009

Company CSR Blogs

I'm really interested in blogs that companies write about their own CSR activities. With such activities buried deep inside an array of different departments, it can be hard to understand how CSR at a given company works and how the company thinks about these activities. Granted, corporate blogs aren't exactly unfiltered, but I wish more companies wrote their own - I think it would really further the conversation about what we're all doing and where we're going. As far as I can tell, though, only a very small number do so.

Here's a list of the CSR blogs, written by companies about their own activities, that I'm aware of - if you know of any others, please help me add to the list! Thanks!



  1. Here's another, from Kenneth Cole: http://awearnessblog.com/. This one is less about the company's own CSR activities and more about the social issues that the company seeks to address.

  2. Here's another blog by a company about it's own CSR - it's from Lawson Software, and it's written by the company's VP of Marketing, who also leads its CSR initiative: http://franklycsr.wordpress.com