April 11, 2011

Join Me in Exploring the BCCCC Conference!

Welcome back to ReimaginingCSR!  It's been far too long since I last posted.  Since then, I've moved into an in-house CSR role, as a Senior Manager in the brand-new CSR department at an education company.  I joined the company as a consultant when it started working on its CSR strategy last February and then came on full-time when it created a CSR department over the summer.  It's been a very exciting process, and it has also exposed me to all sorts of new challenges and ideas that I hope to explore by getting back to blogging.

My impetus for restarting this blog today is that I'm currently sitting in a hotel room in Minneapolis, where I am attending the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship conference.  I just got back from the opening reception and dinner, where I very much enjoyed talking about CSR theory and practice with people who really get it!  Tomorrow, I am excited to attend a range of great sessions - you can see the agenda here  (breakout sessions in detail here).  At the moment, I'm leaning toward attending the following panels:
  • Make the Connection: Play the Role of Corporate Citizenship Change Agent (with panelists from ARAMARK, Himle Horner Inc., Wells Fargo, and Net Impact) - My colleagues and I are really interested in the role our team can play in helping the company through the major changes happening in our industry, so I hope this session will help me think through that opportunity.
  • From Volunteering to Involve-a-teering (with panelists from the Center for Corporate Citizenship, Morgan Stanley, General Mills, and PwC) - I am leading the build-out of our volunteerism program, which will focus on skills-based volunteerism.  I am very interested in how we can think not just about employees volunteering their time, but also about the company volunteering its employees' expertise.  I am also interested in how we can use volunteerism to foster employee learning and professional development.  I hope this session will help me explore these issues.

Throughout the conference, I plan to tweet (@JessSF) and blog.  I want this communication to be as helpful as possible to those of you who aren't able to be here in person.  I'd therefore love to hear your thoughts on the sessions above.  What questions do you have on those topics?  What issues within them do you want to explore?

Thank you so much for joining me as I jump back into blogging and for working through these critical issues in our field together.  I am thrilled to be re-starting our conversation!


  1. Well, I got all excited and was looking forward to more reports... and then, silence. You were having too good a time to want to share it with the rest of us, no doubt .

  2. Sorry, Alex! I got very excited to restart this blog, but it just wasn't in the cards in April. My group at work has grown since then, though, and I'm very much hoping to make it work again this time!